"Freshly Rolled Bases, Fresh Vegetables, Great Selection, Just Great Pizzas"


Drop in to order your food and go shopping or order by phone or online and set up pick up time.

Eat In
We offer casual dining on simple cafe chairs and seats.   Currently unavailable due to strict distancing requirements.

Too Tired to cook or hop in a car.  Order online and we will deliver hot food to your door in about 60 minutes.

Small Pizza $9,   Large Pizza  $15,  Family Pizza $20

We can cater for any small party or delivery time we just need some warning. We provide a standard delivery fee of $6 per order, up to 8 km, excluding our delivery specials. Our Pizzas come in 3 sizes Small (9 Inch), Large (13 Inch) and Family (15 Inch). Made to Order pizzas are possible with a half and half a normal offering. When ordering deliveries expect a 30 to 40 minute wait.

4 Ps of Takeaway


15+ Traditional Pizzas to choose as well as special Gourmet.


Spaghetti, Fettuccine or Ravioli with your choice of sauce.


10 Types of Parma with Chips


Yarra Valley Fried Chicken

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