Layering Taste

Layering taste is where fresh ingredients such as vegetables and cheese are used in amounts that don’t overpower each other on a Pizza. A great pizza needs these ingredients to be fresh and cut to a size that can be felt when eating but not distracting from the taste of the pizza. Freshly cut vegetables, meat, cheese and rolled bases are all part of attaining a perfectly balanced pizza. Whilst we use frozen seafood to put on the top of pizzas, we insure that it is good quality and being only defrosted at time of use and not sitting for 24 hours.
Our pizzas are assembled at time of ordering, this means the sauce base, the major topping and cheese are put together at the time of cooking and not pre-made based on expected orders. We use a stone based wheel in a gas oven that will give the bases a crisp crust whilst maintaining a soft centre.

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